Brief on Conferences and/or Retreats

For The Cause of Zion

April 4-7, 2019 – Summary of Church Conference


Each of the four days began with prayer and testimony service, to invoke the spirit of God and to edify the body.


Thursday April 4 saw the presentation of various classes and testimonies, questions and answers.


On Friday, April 5, there were two classes, one giving an overview of the Sealed Book of Moses by Tyler Crowell and the other, the Acts of the 3 Nephites by Gary Metzger. In the evening, there was a special meeting for the Lord’s Supper, celebrating the birth in Christ of new members and the light of the New Moon. Afterwards, there was more than an hour of spirit-filled testimonies. Many felt great joy, and one person saw light encompassing those who shared. God blessed our service greatly.

On Saturday, April 6th, there were seven (7) names presented for calls to apostle, and all seven brethren rose to give their testimony. The names of those ordained, in alphabetical order, are:
Tyler Crowell, Ed Geiersbach, Peter Gould, Samuel Gould, Jeff Johnson, Gary Metzger, and Leroy (Buddy) Ormsbee.


Joseph Smith washed the feet of all of them before ordaining them to be high priests, and then setting them apart to be apostles.


There were two men called and sustained as Patriarch-Evangelists: One was a new call for David Bronson, and the other was a current Patriarch, Rick March, who was ordained along with David. Both had their feet washed by brother Joseph before being ordained as high priests.

Several members were baptized with the Holy Ghost by ordinance and a few brethren who had been elders were ordained to the office of elder again to grant a united, legal authority in the restructured church.


On Sunday morning, the 7th, there were various administrations for blessings, the gift of song, and the spoken word by brother Joseph. Joseph F was sustained by the body as President of the High Priesthood and Prophet of the church, and he chose Peter Gould for a counselor, who was also sustained by the body.


After the morning activities, the quorum of apostles was formed and they selected for quorum president, Gary Metzger, and for secretary, Jeff Johnson.


Thus, the work of the Restructured Church: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was formally organized on the foundation of apostles and prophets, unto the hope of God’s blessings and fulfillment of His work.