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From Joseph F. Smith 

March 3, 2020

While the following revelation or manifestation was directed at the branch in Holden, Missouri, the very first line speaks to all the Restoration. I quote: "Hearken this day to the voice of the Good Shepherd all ye that are called by the name of Christ." The words of the Lord would include all those of the Restoration that have taken upon them the name of Christ. Therefore it would include all of them also in the promise of the last few lines -- I quote: "For if you have no desire to follow my words, I will remove the light and opportunity I have given, and you will fall back into the emptiness of your past. Verily thus saith the Good Shepherd, Your Lord, Your God. Amen."

Word of the Lord

Given to the Holden Branch

by the Prophet Joseph F. Smith

1 March 2020

Hearken this day to the voice of the Good Shepherd all ye that are called by the name of Christ. As I look down on this little flock of my sheep I see you wandering around in confusion. One pulling this way and another pulling that way, why is this? When there was just 5 or 6 of you remaining from an organization that had failed to continue in righteousness, did I not hear the prayers of your heart asking for light and understanding? Did you not ask me for help? Did you not ask me to send Saints to build up this flock that I had gathered here for my purpose? When my chosen servant and his fellows were searching for a place to assemble and begin the work of the second invitation, I directed him to seek your support, and if you accepted and opened your doors to them they were charged to lead you down the path of obedience to my commandments which through the influence of the word of man, you had drifted away from that and had followed false spirits. Who are you that would council contrary to that which I have given my chosen servant who I have sent to you? Hearken carefully to that which you have been given. For if you have no desire to follow my words, I will remove the light and opportunity I have given, and you will fall back into the emptiness of your past. 

Verily thus saith the Good Shepherd, Your Lord, Your God.


Given through Joseph F. Smith
April 25, 2020




Hearken to My word, all ye that call yourselves by My name, who are of the Restoration movement, including the LDS Church, the Restoration Branches, the Church of Christ TL, the Community of Christ, and others. For the past 190 years you have wandered in darkness and disobedience, refusing to follow My directions and commandments, hearkening to the precepts of man, relying on your learning, choosing a God of your own design. I have look upon Zion and I have held back My wrath as I promised through the Prophet Isaiah, until the righteousness thereof would shine forth as a lamp, yet what is there to see? Darkness. You have not shown forth My light, you have not put forth My Gospel of Salvation delivered to you, you have not shined your light to glorify Me, but have chosen glory for yourselves in the eyes of the world. This is bitter fruit, unfit for the Kingdom of God. You were called to carry My Gospel to those who were lost, to comfort the brokenhearted, to heal those afflicted, to teach My true word, but you would not, and you could not because of unbelief. You were called to bring forth a holy people, what you have brought forth is smoke and wind. Your vain philosophies you have developed that replaced the faith that you should have had, have caused you not to walk in the strait path, and you have become lost in the mist of darkness that Satan has provided to lead you astray. Come, come My children, is it not time for you to turn around and awaken out of your sleep of complacency? Are you recognizing what it is today that is upon you? This pestilence that gripes the whole world is just the beginning of tribulation, for My sword is bathed in Heaven and will soon descend upon the inhabitants of this world, the only ones that will be spared are the ones who have come to Me in repentance and faith, and have become sanctified. Therefore, one more time will I reach out to those whose hearts are pure, those who hunger for truth and righteousness, hearken to My warning to prepare for that which is to come. Turn from the vanity of thy ways and walk no more in the mist of darkness, and come to Me on bended knees of repentance with your heart broken and your spirit contrite, for I am the way and the gate to the path of righteousness, and none enter therein but through Me, for I am the Lord thy God.  These words are of Me and come through this My servant whom I have called in these last days. Awake, awake My children lest ye be found wanting, I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Even so, Amen and Amen.


Joseph F. Smith

April 25, 2020


Joint Revelation
Given through High Priest and Counselor, Peter Gould
President and Prophet, Joseph F. Smith



The following was given through Peter Gould 7/12/19


"Behold, Thus saith the Lord, unto my prophets and apostles called forth anew in these last days - I, the Lord chose my servant Mauricio A. Berger for this work, and caused that he should bring forth my word and the high priesthood unto my saints again in these last days through the appointment of my son Joseph Frederick Smith unto the presidency of my church, even as mine ancient servant Melchizedek moved the unification of my church in the Days of Abraham, and appointed unto him that he should be the president of the high priesthood of my church, and this I caused my servant Mauricio to do, that he might re-establish the foundation of this church in the calling and ordaining of prophets and apostles within this holy priesthood as is written in my word. Nevertheless, the adversary has gotten great hold upon the hearts of some and has tempted my servant Mauricio to seek that appointment which was not his by lineal right, though I had given unto him great blessings and power to bring forth my word and called him to gather my elect from the south to bring Zion those streams which would make glad the city of your God, as it is written, which temptation has caused great contention among my servants, those who seek to do my will, both in Zion and in Brazil.  And so I say to you my servants.....”   I was not given the rest of the message; that "I say to you" part, but I pray you will be given it, dearest brother.


The remainder of the words of God were given through Joseph F. Smith 7/12/19


Verily, verily thus saith the Spirit unto you my servants. Stand fast in the faith in the God you worship. Do not strive to accomplish the work that is not your calling. Leave unto me that which is mine to do. You are called to bring forth my Church out of darkness, even as My servant Joseph Smith Jr. and his brethren were called to do, which calling they failed to complete. Do not fall to the same temptation to rely on the learning of man, for if you will hearken to Me, I will lead you, even as I led Moses and the children of Israel out of bondage in the land of Egypt unto the land of promise. You also I will lead out of confusion, which is a form of bondage, yea even unto the land of Zion, which is a land of promise unto you, and to that city, The New Jerusalem, the place of refuge for the Saints in these last days. The heart of the Adversary is angry with the work you are doing and is making effort to bring you down. He has entrapped some of those who were once one with you, who now fight in vain against you. Know and understand that I am with you, and I will overcome. Build up this little Kingdom of God that I have put into your hands; let truth and righteousness prevail; contend not one with another over issues that are of lesser importance to me. But cause this Church to shine forth as an example of Holiness unto those fragments of the first invitation who remain in your midst. Strive to become one in all things; one in faith, one in hope, and one in purpose, that I might bestow a blessing upon this My children of the last days, for I am the Redeemer of Israel, your Shepherd and your God.


Amen and Amen


Revelation - March 6, 2019



Verily, verily thus sayeth the Spirit, I am the Lord thy God, I change not therefore the words that I gave to my servant Moroni are the same yesterday, today and forever. The adversary uses man’s desire to do things his own way thereby leading men to pass by the instructions I have given, which brings man into darkness. Remember Lehi's vision? Those who clung to the rod of Iron found their way to the tree of Life, while those who turned loose of the rod wandered into darkness.


My words are that rod of Iron, and they are sent to you to lead you through the mist and shadows that are created by My enemy Satan. You who have come through the Restoration movement should have no need to be reminded of the example of the fall of that movement, for it should now be in your mind. Many of the fellow servants of Joseph Smith Jr did not want to obey the commands that I gave that Prophet and proceeded to change some of the meaning of those directives, which brought my work under condemnation ending in failure. Let not this second set of laborers fall into the same trap. My words given in your scriptures or those delivered by Angel are from Me and are not to be changed to satisfy man's desires. Remember, remember, I am the Lord thy God. I change not. Wo be to those who walk contrary to my words. Awake My children, walk in truth and righteousness, humble yourselves and repent and come to me with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, and I will give unto you who search true light that edifies the soul of man. Thus sayeth the Lord the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. Amen

Joseph F. Smith


Feb. 24, 2019 service - Brother Joseph Shares


It was a moving morning. Until a disk arrives to get the exact transcript, this below gives the highlights:


Brother Joseph began the service:

“Greetings: What a glorious thing to be here this morning. What a blessing from the Lord to gather with the body of Christ in faith. We are troubled on every side yet we flinch not, afflicted, rejected, and cast aside, yet we continue on the course as directed, that leads to the Holy City. Amen.

Revelation by Joseph F Smith

“Verily, verily thus sayeth the Spirit unto you this day, to you who are children of God begotten through the blood that was shed for you. While you enjoy your fellowship together, yet for you it is a day of decision. Although I will not draw a line in the sand, as I did in the days of Moses, yet I will draw a line in your hearts and charge those who truly will commit to serve me with full purpose of heart to step across that line and walk in the Spirit of God and turn away from the spirit of man, and help prepare the pathway to Zion, so that those who yearn and search for Zion can find the way.
Yes my children choose this day whom you will serve, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, or the prince of this world. And now I speak to my sons Kelvin, David, Gary, Sam, Tyler, Peter, Jeff, Leroy Ormsby.” (Kelvin and David received council, the remainder were called to the office of Apostles to be ordained the 6th of April “my day of anointing.”) There are other callings to be brought forth in their time. Verily thus sayeth the Spirit. I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the redeemer of Israel .


Amen and Amen


Ordination of Joseph F Smith 
High Priest & President of the High Priesthood

I, Maurício Berger,

Having been confirmed by the hands of an angel as High Priest holding the keys of the kingdom of God on earth, brought back again among the sons of men for the purpose of restoring His Church in Zion and in the world.

I hereby consecrate and appoint Joseph Frederick Smith to the Presidency of the High Priesthood of the Church (in Zion).


(Revelation received through Mauricio A Berger, 10.29.2018)

And from this moment forward, Prophet, Seer and Revelator of My Church, as well as My servant Maurice Artur Berger. Receive, therefore, the keys corresponding to this call, so that it may proceed according to My servant Mauricio. These keys, who qualify him as High Priest in the Presidency of My Church in Zion and in the world, by which he may ask and receive, open and close, and be crowned with the same blessing and glory and honor and priesthood and gifts which in past times were placed on the head of my servant Hyrum Smith. Amen.

Eu, Maurício Berger,

Tendo sido confirmado pelas mãos de um anjo como Sumo Sacerdote detentor das chaves do reino de Deus na Terra, trazidas novamente entre os filhos dos homens com a finalidade de restabelecer Sua Igreja em Sião e no mundo.

Eis que consagro e designo Joseph Frederick Smith à Presidência do Sumo Sacerdócio da Igreja (Siao).


E deste momento em diante, Profeta, Vidente e Revelador da Minha Igreja, assim como meu servo Maurício Artur Berger. Receba, portanto, as chaves correspondentes a este chamado, para que proceda de acordo com o meu servo Maurício. Chaves estas, que o qualificam como Sumo Sacerdotena Presidência da Minha Igreja em Sião e no mundo, pelas quais poderá pedir e receber, abrir e fechar, e ser coroado com a mesma bênção e glória e honra e sacerdócio e dons que em tempos passados foram colocados sobre a cabeça de meu servo Hyrum Smith. Amém.

Revealed Word of God

“Shall a trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid? shall there be evil in a city, and the LORD hath not done it?  Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.  The lion hath roared, who will not fear? the Lord GOD hath spoken, who can but prophesy?” (Amos 3:6-8)





11-13-2018 Revelation through Joseph F Smith

“Awake, awake O Israel. Do not be so quick to call foul. Consider the words delivered in your scriptures, for they tell of the events that are happening before your closed eyes. Harken with your closed ears to the words of My servants whom I have sent, for they have spoken in truth, and your judgments of them will be held accountable to you in the day of accounting.

“Because you have failed to properly obey my commandments given through my servant Joseph Smith Jr, I have set My hand again the second time to prepare a place for the gathering of My people Israel—and that which I have purposed to do I will accomplish.

“Many have taken up My work and stepped out in faith and have found favor in My eyes, not being misled by the false words and accusations of those who have become entangled in the chains of the Adversary.

“I say again: Awake, awake Israel of these last days; you who will not heed My words will suffer the wrath of a just God.


Even so, thus sayeth the Spirit. Amen and amen.”

Joseph F Smith
November 13, 2018


07-24-18 Revelation through Joseph F Smith

“Verily, verily thus sayeth My spirit unto you: hearken to My counsel, ye who have walked in the paths of men. Let us reason together with sound reasoning, and heed not the counsel of man, but reason in good judgment. Who is man that he can set in My church higher elevated positions than those which I have given? My ministry is not to be held in high esteem, but are to be humble servants, presenting to My children an example of a broken heart and a contrite spirit. He who goes forth in his pride and self-esteem glorifies himself and does not glorify Me. Therefore he is not My servant.


I have begun the setting of My hand the second time to gather My scattered sheep as you have been told by My servants of old. You have been given the opportunity to work with Me as I prune My vineyard for the last time. Come, abide My counsel, forsaking the philosophies and pathways that failed your forefathers.  The Zion you long for will surely come, but that Zion will be established according to the merits and provisions that I have given. Even so, thus sayeth My Spirit unto you whom I have chosen in these last days.

I am the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, and the Redeemer of Israel.  Amen.”

Joseph F Smith

July 24, 2018

11-04-15 Revelation through Joseph F Smith

“Hearken all ye Elders of my Church, and give deep consideration to the message I bring. Verily, verily thus saith the Spirit unto my son (…..)  As you have asked of my servant Joseph to seek the answer you desire, therefore give heed to that which he brings, for it is given to him to deliver to you and to those who should hear also. In the storm that is coming to this people you will face many trials, therefore stand steadfast in the faith, have patience, and see the work of God’s hands unfold. Trust not in the works of men that in the past have failed you, neither hold precious the traditions of men. Use your talents to help the children to prepare for the tribulation that is coming. Mine Elders are not called to be rulers or governors, but rather to be servants to help those who are less knowledgeable to understand the will and purpose of God.


You have many times followed the winds of the dreams of men in their search for hidden secrets of the past. Men have desired to find things written that would prove their theology, and have wrought and twisted scripture to prove their testimony. What can be more precious than the fulfillment of the promises of God delivered by my prophets of old? Verily I say unto you that very soon I will begin to bring forth My Holy Mountain, when I have cleansed this land of the wicked, who will not see and cannot hear because of the hardness of their hearts, and rebellion against my servants. Those that remain will be the pure in heart and the faithful of the land, therefore strengthen your faith and draw closer to the Lord through prayer and testimony.


Do not turn aside from the words of my servants the prophets, but consider carefully the things that have been prophesied and will soon come to pass. Therefore stand forth and prepare to witness the power and glory of God Thus shall it be, even so Amen and Amen.” 

Joseph F. Smith   November 4, 2015

 (The above revelation was given in response to a particular man who, having been a devoted servant, came to Joseph asking for direction of the Lord.  The word of revelation, which was received, is of value to all.)


07-09-05 Revelation through Joseph F Smith

“Verily, verily thus saith the Spirit unto those who profess my name. Yea hearken to the voice of your Redeemer, the Holy one of Israel, for I call out unto you once again to turn from the ways of man and heed my counsel.


You should not suppose that I would not bring to pass that which I have purposed, nor should you suppose that you can modify the directives that I have given through my servants. In a revelation which I have given, and which you have in your records, I have stated that My works, My designs, and the purposes of God, cannot be frustrated, neither can they come to naught. If you do not believe My words you cannot be a part of My works. Ancient Israel thought they could change My directives to suit the desires of their heart. They came under condemnation and were scattered throughout the world.


This Church which I restored through Joseph Smith fell into the same trap set by your adversary and came under condemnation and their minds were darkened and they were led astray because of doubt and unbelief. Today not one segment, not one branch, not one part or organization, has yet come forth with the faith and obedience required to lift that punishment.


It has been given before and I now give again a decree that will go forth declaring the need for this people to repent and remember the former commandments as they were given in the beginning, for that which I have purposed in them shall come to pass, and those who do not believe My words, who do not desire to walk in humbleness together, sharing the things of life that I have blessed them with, verily will be cast aside and I will gather unto me those who truly have a broken heart and a contrite spirit, that My works and purposes will be accomplished.


Listen My children, for the hour is near when the wrath of a just God shall be poured out upon the whole world, and judgment has begun at My house.


Thus saith the Spirit even so Amen.” 


Joseph F. Smith 

July 9, 2005



04.1996 Revelation through Joseph F Smith

“Oh’ Israel, Israel, thou hast ever been a stubborn and a stiff necked people.  Come to me with a broken heart and a contrite spirit. Give ear to my words, hearken to my council, and I will reason with you as one reasons with another. I will show you the path that will lead you to my righteousness, but you must come to me united in prayer. You must desire my righteousness in unity. You must be willing to abide those former commandments which I have given, even at the beginning of this My work in these latter days.


I have heard your prayers, and will answer them in My own due time. Run not before the Lord, have patience, for blessed are those who wait upon the Lord. My Zion will yet be established and blessed are they who seek to push forward the cause of Zion, but it will be established according to the precepts and merits I have given.


Behold if you would be a part of this work you must come together in unity, laying aside your differences, and seeking My righteousness. Again I say unto you, you must come with a broken heart, a contrite spirit, and be willing to abide My council.


Even so, I am Jesus Christ, the beginning and the end, Amen and Amen.


Thus sayeth the spirit, that still small voice that penetrates to the very core of my being. Amen” 


Joseph F Smith 

(Given at the end of sermon in April 1996 At Waldo Restoration Branch)